Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why I love my India

In my midlife, having witnessed --and remembered-- at least two decades of the tricolor being unfurled from the minarets of Lutyens’ Delhi, and colorful kites enveloping the sky all over the Capital, the 'I-Love-My-India' thought is like a wire-trap to me. 

With every passing year, it is a great time to hear same 'desh bhakti' songs and watch same patriotic movies as you switch over from one movie channel to another (with 'Gandhi' being a pet flick among channel wallahs and 'Border' being the second-best) that you have been watching since your mother used to spoon-feed you over an emotional 'Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo' from Doordarshan!

Meanwhile, the nation stumbles along ... rampant corruption, trillions of black money stashed abroad, slowing economy and increasing inflation... Amid economic gloom comes 66th Independence Day (only to be forgotten a week later).

We do get patriotic, on an annual basis though! Still, I love my India, because a handful of Indians have made the nation proud at just-concluded London Olympics, with the best-so-far six medals' tally (and a solace in Pakistan not even figuring in the 200-plus countries' list, while Pakistanis are taking solace that in hockey they finished higher than us); the nation has got fresh heroes (and advertisers a fresh lease of blood!).

I love India because despite the failure of the civil society movement (read Team Anna, or India Against Corruption, India United Against Corruption...End Corruption... choose your pick), there is hope flickering, of a corruption-free India, when the Ombudsman (Lokpal) will be appointed who will wield the 'honest' stick against those who are busy looting the nation (though a Uttar Pradesh minister has another formula: Work for the people and you can steal a little!)

I love my country because despite the crime graph against women touching new highs (Assam girl molestation LIVE is fresh in memory), we do have a National Commission for Women, which keeps a check against the monsters-on-roads and an active police machinery that comes into effect the moment crime is committed (ministers, high-net worth individuals and self-made gentlemen and sons are foten an exception!). I love India because despite a poor or failed monsoon, the government of the day is able to feed one billion and 20 crore plus of us on a daily basis.

No matter if millions of tons of foodstock goes waste or middlemen make moolah while farmers commit suicide, we get our dal-roti, and occasionally burgers, pizzas too! Some future Independence Day, I hope, will usher us in a new world where on the corruption index, we will figure last and on Olympics, first (No typo here...)

(As published in the South Asian Times)

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